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Venture With Celestial Growth
Into The New Space Economy

Celestial is a bespoke platform that identifies exciting Space and Space Adjacent opportunities for the New Space economy,  enabling companies to scale with efficient capital, on an aligned path to maximum value.

We Provide:

  • Access to Canadian public & private venture capital in a proven market for growth stage companies

  • Access to our trusted partner network of impact capital, service professionals and proprietary deal-flow

  • Pre and post-listing support ensuring success

  • Increased deal certainty

Experience from Industry Leading Organizations

Experience from Industry Leading Organizations

The Team

Founded by a diverse team of key industry participants, technical advisors, and leading market professionals, Celestial is set to provide and foster continuous holistic growth in the space and space-adjacent technology markets.

Jared Bottoms

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Mark Russel

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Tahir Merali

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Jonathan Leong
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Gary Lifshits

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Marek Lorenc

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Advisory Team

Our  expanding advisory corps has extensive experience in growing and funding technology-centric organizations. Together with our network of partner organizations, this team helps your agency utilize growth funding to push through Max-Q and on to Orbit.

Col. Chris Hadfield

Astronaut | Business Leader | Entrepreneur

Author | Speaker | Musician 

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Michal Prywata

Entrepreneur | Engineer
Co-Founder Phantom Space

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